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(7/2023) Doctor Mahjouri is kind and understanding. He is an absolute expert and perfectionist. I highly recommend him. His staff is also top notch.

Staci K.

(7/2023) I had upper neck and submental liposuction with Dr. Mahjouri four days ago and I could not have had a better experience so far. Dr. Mahjouri is very to the point which may scare some people away but it’s just because he wants to be honest with you and also wants to know what exactly you are looking for. During the procedure he was beyond kind and caring and his bedside manner was the best of any doctor I’ve received care from. He even called me twice during the weekend to see how I was healing and feeling. My results look amazing so far and I couldn’t be happier. Will be coming back to him in the future.

Taylor P.

(6/2023) I am very pleased with the outcome of the procedures that I had done, the doctor is very good at what he does. The reasons for not giving 5 stars is because I feel that there was some incorrect information that I was given based on my physical condition, which resulted in some areas of my incisions opening up and bleeding on two separate occasions. There was also some miscommunication, but I will return to Mahjouri if I ever want anymore procedures done. The staff is awesome!


(6/2023) Dr. Mahjouri is an excellent doctor and surgeon. I am a D1 athlete who was suffering and in pain from a Giant Cell Tumor on my wrist that was starting to affect my shooting and holding my hockey stick with a tight grip. The surgery went great and my wrist is back to normal. The staff at doctor Mahjouri's office is also great to work with very caring and supportive.
I have also had skin care treatments done with the Aesthetician Rebecca for some acne which has helped a lot and my skin looks great.

Maddy P.

(8/3/2021) The esthetician Rebecca has been my go to for hydrafacials and IPL photofacials around Minneapolis. I'm always impressed by the quality of her work and extensive knowledge within the skincare industry. She stresses the importance of a proper skincare routine at home and wearing sunscreen daily to prevent premature aging and to get the best long-term results with her treatments.

(6/14/2021) Had a great experience at Mahjouri Cosmetic surgery. Had upper and lower bleph and a face lift. So happy with the results. One side of my face was droopier than the other and Dr.Mahjouri made my face symmetric. He is very gentle and I didn't experience any pain.

Susan M.

(6/1/2021) I had a Septoplasty and rhinoplasty surgery done with dr Mahjouri. I can’t say enough good things about this doctor. He did an amazing job. I feel great n Look great! He was great every step of the way. Pre and post op. Highly recommend. You can’t put a price on confidence. If you’re looking to do rhinoplasty. Look no further. He is the most experienced surgeon around!

Mostafa Alsultan (Google Review)

(5/8/2021) Great doctor! Very caring did my cheek after a fluke accident very impressive with how it turned out! Would recommend him to anyone! Great communication.

Amy Lockman (Google Review)

(5/7/2021) Dr. Mahjouri and his team are fabulous! They are personable and make me feel so comfortable at every clinic visit. I had a breast augmentation and Dr. Mahjouri took time to explain all of his recommendations for size, type of implant, the surgery, and the timeline for healing. He listened to my wishes and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome so far. Everything is straight forward regarding cost, payments, and fees. Very affordable for the quality and his years of experience!

Sadie Cross (Google Review)

(5/6/2021) I did a facelift, a capsolectomy , and replaced my 20 year old implants. My situation was challenging. The left side of my face and the left side of my breast were much more aged and droopy. I couldn’t look at myself without finding fault. Dr Mahjouri went beyond my expectations and gave me symmetry. Now the left side of my body matches my right side. I look good!

It has only been 1 week since my surgery and I can see a Hugh difference. My breast are beautiful and my face once again has a sharp profile, visible despite the swelling.

I am so happy with my results!!! Dr Mahjouri is a great surgeon and a caring doctor. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I chose them because they were so down to earth, they made me feel comfortable. I felt I could trust them to deliver good results.

But more than that, the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend Dr Mahjouri!

Dorice Law (Google Review)

(2/8/2021) Doctor Mahjouri is the best. I’m so happy that I choose him and I recommend if u looking for a cosmetic surgery to go and see him.the staff at office and hospital were amazing

Hana Yusuf (Google Review)

(1/5/2021) I am so incredibly happy with my results. I looked around for years before deciding on a surgeon for my breast augmentation. Dr. Mahjouri has more experience than any one else I looked into. His knowledge and expertise helped me pick the perfect side and shape for my figure. Couldn’t have imagined results so perfect.

Joanie Wilson (Google Review)

(12/12/2020) Dr. Mahjouri is the best plastic surgeon in the metro area, hands down! His passion for helping people is evident, as he always demonstrates top notch professionalism and has a bedside manner that instills confidence in his patients. He will listen to your concerns and put together a plan towards achieving the best version of you! You will love him!!

Sara Hough (Google Review)

(12/10/2020) Dr. Mahjouri is truly the best! Very intelligent and knowledgeable in his technique. I have gotten Botox injections elsewhere, but once I had them done by Dr. Mahjouri, I knew I would go nowhere else. He took the time to map out my face and make sure I had the desired result. He and his staff are friendly and professional. I would trust them with any procedures I wanted done.

Mariam (Google Review)

(11/5/2020) Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Mahjouri and his team. I am so glad I had my surgery done by him. It looks amazing and the recovery wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. I’m very happy with the results. Thank you so much!

Sahra Sabri (Google Review)

(11/5/2021) Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Mahjouri and his team. I am so glad I had my surgery done by him. It looks amazing and the recovery wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. I’m very happy with the results. Thank you so much!

Zoey Peterson (Google Review)

(10/4/2020) Dr. M and his staff have performed two surgeries perfectly! They are all extremely thorough and patient and kind. The Doctor is excellent in his profession . He will want to see you many times for a year after surgery to make sure you are satisfied and he is also satisfied. Terri runs the office/ schedule very efficiently. She is amazing.

Rose Ruikka (Google Review)

A+ experience! I knew I liked Dr. Mahjouri from the moment we met. He carefully explained the procedure and I was able to get on the schedule within two weeks. The surgery was on Friday; on Sunday afternoon Dr. Mahjouri called me at home to check how I was doing. I can unequivocally recommend him and the staff at Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Reviewed by Jacqueline McMillan (Google Review)

He is such a thorough and caring surgeon. Staff is very helpful! I would only recommend this place! They are number one!
Thank you!

Reviewed by Janaya Ludke ( Google Review )

6/18/2018 Dr Mahjouri was wonderful. I had a breast augmentation done by him recently and had a great experience. I knew of Dr Mahjouri because he had done my sister, mom, and aunts breast augmentations as well and did a wonderful job. I went to 3 consultations and ended up going with Dr Mahjouri because he had the most reasonable prices out of the 3 places and I knew I could trust his good work. Its only been two weeks but I am so happy with the results after my surgery. I was hoping to go bigger than what Dr Mahjouri ended up going with during surgery but after he explained to me why I could not go any bigger, I trusted his medical opinion. He knows what looks good and what is going to have the best results. He cares about his patients and even remembered my mom the day of my surgery (who he hasn't seen in probably 30 years). Overall I would recommend him to anyone looking to get a surgery done.

Reviewed by thompsonangie12 6/18/2018 ( )

6/14/2018 Dr Mahjouri did my breast augmentation many years ago. I was immediately excited with the results, and now, 10 years later, still in love with the results. He is both a gifted surgeon and an artist who works really hard at achieving the aesthetic I want. I have interviewed several doctors before deciding on Dr Mahjouri. I chose Dr M because 1.) He is SUPER thorough. 2.) He is an anal retentive Type A, it's evident in the way he asks his questions, keeps his notes, executes his process. This is exactly the kind of Dr I want to do my surgery. 3.) I called several of his references and they were ALL super happy with their results, some were several years post-op. 4.) I liked the before/after pics I saw. 5.) He has his own opinions on ästhetics and shared them with me, while always allowing me to make my own decision.
He doesn't have the BEST bedside manner nor is he very timely, but that's because he cares about ME and the work he's doing. He takes the time to do everything 100%, even if it takes him over his allotted time. THAT's exactly what I'm looking for in a doctor. Someone who's listening, paying attention, and focused on MY end result. The fact that he runs late, I can appreciate when it's my turn and he takes The same time and attention to detail for me.

Reviewed by Daisy N. 6/14/2018 ( )

Highly recommended... I had a Rhinoplasty last month ... after a week I felt the difference in my nose’s shape... even though nobody has noticed... everyone was telling me that something changed and I look more beautiful... it was a closed sergury... no marks left-on my nose ... that’s because of the professional doctor, and his magical work, Dr. Mahjouri who gives an amazing feeling and encouragement which made me feel more and more confident..

Reviewed by Gianna Harfani ( Google Review )

I had to have the MOHS procedure done on a squamous cell carcinoma spot on my clavicle this past January. My dermatologist recommend I have a skin graft done to cover the incision. I used Dr. Mahjouri to have this done and I am now 8 months past the procedure and you can hardly tell the difference where my graft was placed. Thank you Advanced Cosmetic & Plastic surgery for the excellent results on my clavicle!

Reviewed by Jill Zeleznikar ( Google Review )

01/24/2018 I did a vast amount of research before I chose my plastic surgeon and it definitely paid off. Dr. Mahjouri exceeded all of my expectations! Not only is he a true professional, Dr. Mahjouri took his time and explained the procedure thoroughly and answered every question I had. He personally took the time to call me at home after my surgery. Truly a caring individual. My results were beyond amazing and I'm so happy I chose him.

Reviewed by L.B. ( )

6/19/2017 Dr.Mahjouri was very informative during our consultation. I felt very comfortable pursuing my breast augmentation (mommy make over) after reviewing all of the pictures, and testimonials. Dr. Mahjouri and his staff followed up with me the day after surgery and almost every day to assure that I was doing well. I highly recommend Dr. Mahjouri and his staff for anyone pursuing plastic surgery in Minneapolis.

Reviewed by doannalisa 6/19/2017 ( )

7/29/2015 Through word of mouth and my own research, I came...

Through word of mouth and my own research, I came across highly recommended Dr. Mahjouri in Minnesota. I travelled from Europe to USA to meet him after an initial conversation and consultation via the Internet. To say thank you would be an understatement. I am in awe of your skills as a surgeon and would like to thank you and all of your staff for your professionalism and caring attitude from beginning to the end, which made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I was amazed with my incredibly fast recovery with minimal bruising and pain; and I am so happy in my decision in choosing the best surgeon I came across. Thank you for giving me my confidence back and for changing my life.

Reviewed by Royataba 7/29/2015 ( )

I am 44, had two kids and breast fed them both - my once B cup size was a sad saggy A cup, I went through augmentation to a size D and I am SO happy with the results. Not only am I thrilled I went through the procedure, Dr. Mahjouri is truly a craftsman. I have seen my fair share of implants, mine are amazing and I get complimented and asked for his business card at least once a week. I can't say enough about his work!

Reviewed by Ellie Feldman ( Google Review )

I had Tummy tuck and lipo suction in 2002 I had excellent results and minimal scarring.The lipo on my chin continues to be effective. I am 61 years old in 2014. I actually took no pain meds after the procedures using only ice to manage pain. In 2014 I had lipo suction on my tummy and flank (to give myself a waistline). and was so happy with the way procedure turned out I had my legs done yesterday. Once again NO pain meds before or after only ice.Kaylea the office personnel I dealt with was also great! I was able to coordinate my schedule so I only missed only two days of work for each procedure. Back to work the third day. I am not "quiet" about these procedures I am so proud of my body now, this has motivated me to lose an additional 21 pounds (they harvested 7 pounds of fat from my abdominal/flank area) and up to that point I had lost including the lipo 27 pounds by changing my diet. You will not regret choosing Mr. Mahjouri (I have compared him to Michealangelo sculpting artfully the body I want to have).

Reviewed by BonzoJ Ripple ( Google Review )

Exceptional care and treatment from this MD. He is very honest, and performed a miracle on my face with minimal discomfort. I recommend him highly.

Reviewed by Bonnie Peterson ( Google Review )

Takes his time with you during consultation. Very through and honest.
Vaser Lipo Torso/Flank/Inner Thigh

Lauren9341 from Minneapolis, Minnesota (

Went in for consultation and left with procedure completed and very happy with results.
Facial Fillers

WendySK from Lion Lakes, Minnesota ( )

Dr. M is the best! I have been a patient of his for over 10 years and would not think of seeking anyone else for my cosmetic needs. Dr. M is a perfectionist and the results you get is a reflection of that.
Breast Reconstruction

Dande from Minneapolis, Minnesota ( )

If you are considering plastic surgery and are looking for a perfectionist, then look no more. Dr. Mahjouri is the best. I have been a patient of his and the skin clinic for 11 years (I also worked for him briefly). There is no other professional I would trust my body to 3 months ago when I had a breast reduction. I could not be more pleased with the results. They are perfect and so is he!

Posted from

I have had Dr. Mahjouri perform more than one procedure and I am happy with results. I recently had another procedure and I am recovering. My main concern was getting proper pain medication & followup care to make sure I heal correctly. I am in the process of same. I would recommend this doctor. The staff was nice and thoughtful of my feelings & called to check on me.

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Best decision of my life by
Sara from Wisconsin

I had an amazing experience at the clinic and with Dr. mahjouri. He was concerned about my health and pre surgical weight, waited two hours for an appt of mine because I was stuck in traffic, and met with me countless times post surgical for any reason just to put my mind at ease about my procedure. pre and post surgical I felt very well taken care of..... And his staff is beyond amazing.... amazing. I am considering another procedure and am hoping I can return to the Dr and clinic where I had such a great experience. I just saw someone had left a bad review and felt compelled to voice how untrue the statements were. I paid 6k before, and would be more than happy to pay them to do more work on me again when I am ready. Thank you all

Posted from

I feel like a new person. I cannot explain how wonderful it is to have this extra skin gone now that I've lost 80 lbs.

Posted by Jen from

I have gotten so many compliments on my breast augmentation. Friends say they look completely natural and never would have guessed they are fake.

Posted by Alyssa from

I am so glad I choose Dr Mahjouri to do my tummy tuck. He did a great job. I drove 4 hours each way to have him be my plastic surgeon.
Wonderful and Skillfully Done

gahbmmrd from Fargo, North Dakota ( )

Dr.Mahjouri is a very professional person. He did a breast augmentation for me. This was done in 2007. I love the results!! He took his time consulting me. His staff is beyond professional. I would do this all over... my breasts look great. They are the right size for my body.

by Guest37942 from

Dr. Mahjouri is excellent!! I had a lower face lift and lower eyelids done and he did a wonderful job. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Mahjouri as an RN in years past and have total faith and trust in him. His staff is wonderful! My daughters also see him now!
Absolutely Excellent

Maria rn from Fridley, Minnesota ( )

I choose Dr. Mahjouri because he was recommended to me by my family doctor. His attention to detail and care about his patients is wonderful. He took the time to personally call me a few days after surgery to be sure I was feeling okay. I really appreciated that. I would recommend Dr. Mahjouri to others.

Sugarfootdancer from Minneapolis, Minnesota ( )

I choose Dr. Mahjouri because of his reputation as being professional, an excellent surgeon and board certified. I had a consultation with Dr. Mahjouri. He said he could help me. I am very happy with the results and with Dr. Mahjouri. He is professional, informative and an excellent surgeon. I recommend his services to all ages.
Never Too Old

katgrl from Minneapolis, Minnesota ( )

Dr. Mahjouri took excellent care of me. Dr. Mahjouri was my plastic surgeon 12 years ago when I had my saline implants done. He did an excellent job then and I knew I wanted to have him complete my surgery when I made the decision to change to silicone implants. He was extremely thorough and explained the procedure to me with great detail. I felt very comfortable having him perform my second surgery. I am so pleased with the results of my new silicone implants. I went a bit larger and they look and feel great! I would recommend Dr. Mahjouri to others, without a doubt. He cares very much about his patients and that I something I really appreciate. As an example, he took the time to personally call me a few days after surgery to be sure that I felt okay.

Reviewed by Katherine S. 9/17/2012 ( )

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