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A common undesirable effect of lifestyle changes, weight loss, and bariatric surgeries is sagging skin. These unsightly folds can become an issue for those who desire a more svelte physique. Dr. Mahjouri, our cosmetic surgeon, has the expertise to address this issue comprehensively.

Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic provides body lifts in Fridley, Minneapolis, Blaine, and all surrounding communities.

What is a Body Lift?

Sagging typically occurs when excessive amounts of skin migrate downwards. As gravity affects the skin in this manner, folds begin to form. The stomach, arms, breasts, and love handles are all common areas impacted by sagging after weight loss, but any part of the body can be affected by the condition.

One of the recommended treatment options for the condition is a body lift. This process is the combination of several different procedures that Dr. Mahjouri conducts with careful precision, keeping safety in mind. By strategically planning and performing this treatment plan, our cosmetic surgeon removes the excess skin, tightens the rest, and helps you have the shape and contour you desire.

Involved Procedures

Dr. Mahjouri expertly combines several different procedures over the course of a body lift.

Our Fridley cosmetic surgeon uses tummy tucks as a core part of the body lift process. A tummy tuck is the removal of excess fat deposits and redundant skin that covers the abdomen. The stomach is an area frequently impacted by sagging skin, so incorporating a tummy tuck into the body lift procedure ensures that your core is slimmed successfully.  

Other procedures considered in the body lift process include a series of smaller lifts and liposuction. Neck and facelifts, breast uplifts, arm lifts, thigh lifts, and buttocks lifts can be included and performed at the same time or with some short intervals.


After completion of a body lift, soft drains may be used for a few days to prevent fluid accumulation. Individually fitted elastic garments are also provided to minimize swelling in the early phase of recovery. Normal daily activities could be resumed after an average of ten days, depending on the number of procedures involved with the lift. You should be able to resume laborious work or engage in strenuous activity within three to six weeks. 

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Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic offers body lifts in Fridley, with service to all nearby locations in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The expertise of Dr. Mahjouri will help you get the body you want for a more confident lifestyle. For more information about body lifts and the procedures related to them, call our office today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Mahjouri. 


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