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Dr. Fereydoon Mahjouri, MD - Torsoplasty Minneapolis, MN - St. Paul, Minnesota

Patients who present with generalized deformity of the trunk would benefit from circumferential excision of excess skin. Since cylindrical or conical skin resection is done through a belt line incision, this procedure is also referred to as “belt lift lipectomy”.

This procedure can be done in stages, as an outpatient procedure, or in one stage with overnight hospitalization. Dr. Mahjouri infuses long-acting local anesthetics to reduce pain and discomfort during the immediate postoperative period.   

The excess skin of the upper trunk is “pulled down” as hanging skin in the pubic area, thighs, and buttocks are also “lifted up”. 

Patients must be reminded that the trade-off for improving their deformity is acceptance of permanent, circumferential scars. During the postoperative and healing phase (few weeks), there are limitations in daily activities, and any deviation from recommended instructions can cause undesirable complications and unwanted spreading and over-scarring. 

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