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BioMedic MicroPeel Minneapolis–Saint Paul

Rejuvenate Your Skin in Fridley with a MicroPeel!

If you seek a way to reduce signs of aging, you can start with professional skincare treatment plan. Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic offers Biomedic MicroPeels for skin care treatment. We can help you appear younger and more vibrant with this procedure.

What Happens During a MicroPeel?

This procedure is an exfoliation process that smooths your skin texture. The procedure takes twenty to thirty minutes to complete and requires no downtime.

First, the licensed esthetician conducts the Dermaplaning step. This process removes dead cellular layers from the skin. Then, a customized solution of glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acid is applied to the skin. You will see results immediately. Repeating the process in a series of treatments helps slow the aging process and encourage long-lasting results.

How MicroPeels Give You the Results You Desire

As we go through life, older skin layers build up and can create various cosmetic issues. The skin can develop an uneven, bumpy texture, spots of discoloration, and acne breakouts. Each of these conditions can cause an unhealthy external appearance.

Through Biomedic MicroPeels, we can eliminate each of these conditions and give your skin back its healthy glow. Depending on the unique needs of each patient, regularly scheduled exfoliation treatments may be necessary to maintain these results.

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Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic helps the people of Fridley, Minneapolis, Blaine, and beyond achieve their esthetic desires. Our estheticians can treat skin conditions that prevent you from looking and feeling your best with Biomedic MicroPeels.

If you are curious about MicroPeels, call us today. Your appointment always starts with a consultation where you can discuss which treatments are right for you and your goals. These meetings include before and after photos to demonstrate how MicroPeels can help you. 

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