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Before & after gynecomastia treatment

Gynecomastia Cost $4780.00

Liposuction or LipoSelection is used very effectively for gynecomastia reduction. Occasionally, a small incision made around the dark circle of the breast is made to remove the unwanted breast issue. Male gynecomastia is not an uncommon condition. It can be drug induced or be a clinical manifestation of some hormonal imbalance. Occasionally such a condition is due to gaining a significant amount of weight. It can be a cause for social embarrassment and may lead to withdrawal from participation in outdoor activities, especially in warm climates. 

The patient typically takes 1 to 3 days off work. The patient may resume regular activities in approximately 1 week. Gynecomastia is an outpatient procedure and is performed under general anesthesia at the West Health Surgery Center in Plymouth, MN. We offer complimentary consultations at our Fridley and Plymouth locations.

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