Nose and Ear Surgery

Contouring Facial Proportions in Fridley, MN

Creating pleasing proportions for improved facial aesthetics is a goal Dr. Mahjouri can meet through cosmetic surgery. Two of the most effective procedures for creating balance in facial appearance are reshaping the nose and ears to better match natural proportions. Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic provides nose surgery and ear surgery to patients in Fridley, Anoka, Minneapolis, and the surrounding communities.

Nose Surgery/Rhinoplasty

Nose surgery is a procedure to reshape the nose to a more pleasing look and, in some instances, to correct severe breathing problems. It usually involves reducing the size of the nose by sculpting nasal tissue to better enhance facial appearance. Some patients may require augmentation of the chin to achieve facial balance.

Tiny incisions are either made between the nostrils (open rhinoplasty) or are made inside (closed rhinoplasty) of them. The open technique allows for maximum visibility and control over the results of the surgery. With a closed technique, however, there is minimal swelling and a faster recovery time. Procedures take an hour to complete and are performed under local or general anesthesia by our Fridley cosmetic surgeon. Detectable breathing problems such as deviated septa or other anomalies compromising the nasal airways could be corrected and are typically covered by insurance.

Dr. Mahjouri's vast experience in performing surgery on afflicted noses is recognized by his colleagues. He accepts referrals to perform secondary or tertiary nose surgeries.

Reasons to consider nose surgery include:

  • To achieve a better proportion to the nose and other facial features
  • To reduce the size of a nose that is too large, too wide, or is overly arched
  • To restore a crooked nose damaged from an accident or sports injury
  • To improve breathing problems by rebuilding the nasal passage
  • To "westernize" noses using cartilage or bone grafts

Nose Surgery Recovery

Patients can be driven home after their rhinoplasty, which Dr. Mahjouri conducts in a certified surgery center. Nose surgery patients may experience moderate swelling and bruising after the procedure. However, these may disappear within a few weeks.

Ear Surgery/Otoplasty

Ear surgery is used by our Fridley cosmetic surgeon to correct the size and shape of the ears. Otoplasties treat protrusion of the ears and correct spoon-shaped deformities due to underdeveloped natural folds. Ear surgeries are often performed on children to reduce ear size, bestowing greater confidence as they grow. Adults can benefit from the procedure as well.

Reasons to consider ear surgery include:

  • To improve proportion to the face if ears tend to "stick out"
  • To correct folded tips (lop ear) or reshape long or offset earlobes
  • To enhance small ears or correct other congenital defects
  • To remedy post-traumatic deformities

General Ear Surgery Procedure

Ear surgery is commonly performed under general anesthesia for children and local anesthesia for adults in a surgery center. Otoplasty brings ears closer to the head by placing an incision in the crease behind the ear. Dr. Mahjouri has developed a new technique: hidden incisions would be placed inside the ear folds to allow him to reshape cartilage and to create a natural contour.  

Dr. Mahjouri and his dedicated staff will offer a free consultation, displaying "before" and "after" pictures. They will also provide assistance throughout your short recovery. 

What to Expect as a Patient

Dr. Mahjouri or a staff member will contact patients to see how their healing is progressing. Let us know if you're experiencing any complications or other concerns so we can treat these needs as effectively as possible.

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Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic helps patients in Fridley, Anoka, and Minneapolis achieve their desired aesthetic through nose and ear surgery. For more information, call our practice today!