Facelifts/Eyelid Surgery

Reducing Signs of Aging around the Eyes and Face in Fridley, MN

One of the first things noticed about a person is their face, specifically the eyes. Lines, wrinkles, loose skin and other signs of aging most commonly appear on the face and eyelids.  Our cosmetic surgeon has solutions for treating these issues in order to restore a youthful appearance. Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic provides facelifts and eyelid surgery to patients in Fridley, Anoka, Minneapolis, and the surrounding communities.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (known as blepharoplasty) is a corrective procedure that reduces dark circles or "bags" under the eyes, removes excess wrinkles, and provides a younger appearance. This surgery is often performed in conjunction with other facial procedures. 

During the aging process, wrinkles and lines near the eyes and a puffiness of the lower eyelids can contribute to an aged appearance. Creases on the eyelid can also occur as a sign of aging. Additionally, in some cases, upper eyelids can droop to the extent that vision is impaired. While a facelift alone can get rid of lines near the eye, eyelid creasing and drooping remains an issue. Blepharoplasty, however, can effectively target these issues.

Our Fridley cosmetic surgeon can tighten the skin on the eyelids to smooth out creases and can reduce heaviness by the removal of tiny pockets of fat deposits underneath the skin of upper and lower eyelids. Tiny incisions made in the eye's natural contours leave no visible scarring as Dr. Mahjouri reduces the bags and wrinkles. The deposits and loose skin of the upper eyelid are treated first, and then the lower eyelids are completed next to eliminate puffiness and reduce dark circles.


Reasons for considering eyelid surgery include:

  • Reduce dark circles or bags under the eyes.
  • Remove excessive skin or wrinkles surrounding the eyelids.
  • Eliminate tired appearance or puffiness due to inherited factors. 


A facelift smooths and firms the skin, providing a youthful image. Several factors can cause the skin to sag and become loose, especially around the face, neck, and jawline. Though this change is gradual, it can still make patients feel older than they actually are. 

Facelifts involve contracting and realigning facial and neck skin, tightening facial muscles, and, occasionally, removing excess fat. The complete facelift can be performed in combination with other facial cosmetic procedures. Additionally, our Fridley cosmetic surgeon offers several related treatments with similar results to a facelift, but on a smaller scale. Neck contouring, by way of liposuction or lift surgery, creates smoother and firmer skin. Dr. Mahjouri can use forehead and eyebrow lifts to smooth out upper facial wrinkles and raise drooping eyebrows. If only minor signs of aging need to be alleviated, Dr. Mahjouri can perform a mini facelift instead of the full procedure.

Reasons for considering a facelift include:

  • Reduce sagging jawline or sagging skin, muscles, and fat in the face and neck.
  • Remove excess skin and fat on the neck.
  • Eliminate crease lines along the nose, mouth, and chin

What a Patient Can Expect

To address your facial concerns, please call to schedule a comprehensive free consultation with Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic. During your visit, eyelid surgery and facelift procedures can be discussed. Dr. Mahjouri's staff can show "before" and "after" photos of patients who had undergone similar procedures. Dr. Mahjouri will help patients make informed decisions to choose the best procedures for achieving realistic goals and expectations.

After either procedure, lots of rest and limited physical activity helps to promote faster recovery. Eyelid surgery tends to heal much faster than other cosmetic surgical procedures, especially when the operated area is kept cool for the first 48 hours afterwards. Most discomfort experienced after a facelift can be treated effectively with oral medication. To promptly address any concerns patients may have, Dr. Mahjouri or his staff will call patients during the immediate post-operative time. 

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