BOTOX® and Fillers

Rejuvenating Facial Features Non-Surgically

Not all cosmetic treatments require surgery. For patients seeking cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of the face, BOTOX® and facial fillers can treat these issues non-surgically. Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic provides BOTOX® and facial fillers to the residents of Fridley, Minneapolis, Anoka, and the surrounding communities.


What Is BOTOX®?

    BOTOX® relaxes the muscles, smoothing the appearance of the skin. When applied to facial muscles, wrinkles and creases gradually disappear. Additionally, patients suffering from migraines may find relief with BOTOX®. Reasons for getting BOTOX® include:

    • Reduce excessive facial wrinkles
    • Remove larger forehead furrows or small crow’s feet near the eyes
    • Eliminate frown lines between the eyebrows

General Procedure and Recovery after BOTOX®

    Dr. Mahjouri recommends avoiding aspirin or other blood thinners for one week prior to treatment. This will reduce any bruising patients may experience after BOTOX® treatment. During a BOTOX® injection, our Fridley cosmetic surgeon will numb the site of the injection before patients receive BOTOX® and will then apply an ice pack to help prevent swelling.

    We recommend not lying down, applying cosmetics, or exercising for the first four hours after injection. We also recommend not rubbing or massaging the site of the injection. However, BOTOX® patients can otherwise resume their normal lives immediately following treatment.

    BOTOX® typically takes between three to four days to reach its full effect and lasts between three to four months. Dr. Mahjouri will take photos and monitor your progress during this time.

Facial Fillers – What Are They?

    Alternatively, a patient may prefer facial fillers instead of or in addition to BOTOX®. Rather than causing the muscles to relax, facial fillers build materials underneath wrinkles and creases to create a younger, smooth appearance. Dr. Mahjouri may use one of the following brands of facial fillers: Radiesse®, Bellafill®, Juvederm®, or Restylane®. Each brand has a different intended application, a different effect duration, and different materials used for each, allowing Dr. Mahjouri to customize patient treatment plans accordingly. Juvederm® and Restylane® can last as long as six months for large creases and wrinkles, while Radiesse® often lasts between eighteen and twenty-four months when applied to smile and frown lines. Bellafill® usually lasts three to five years. 

Facial Fillers – General Procedure and Recovery

    During an appointment for facial fillers, our Fridley cosmetic surgeon may numb the area where the filler is applied to enhance patient comfort. Experiencing some redness, swelling, or bruising is normal for a short while after injection, but these signs can be reduced by avoiding blood-thinners, aspirin, and other medication for one week prior to scheduled appointments.

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Mahjouri Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Clinic provides BOTOX® and facial fillers to Fridley, Minneapolis, Anoka, and the surrounding communities. For more information regarding how Dr. Mahjouri can help you reach your desired look, contact our practice today!